Welcome to the full-time creative studio of Adam Parker.

Life’s too short if you don’t follow your heart and to me, that means putting words in an order to be read and heard that will inspire YOU to re-think your own heart’s desires in your world and towards the people you meet therein.

Which is another way of saying:

Stay tuned folks, there’s more news to come.

For if I don’t use my gifts to speak the messages I want to tell, I’m insulting the spirit that’s breathed air into my lungs each morning—and if those gifts aren’t used in my best effort to entertain YOU, then I’m not being true.

So please watch this space. I don’t aim to disappoint.

Three personally meaningful articles from the hundreds I’ve written. Click “Relax” in the menu bar for more.

Writing is only about story, not content. Story is emotion.


You have just twenty seconds to keep your audience reading.


Empower your audience and they won’t just thank you, they’ll make you profitable.


A writer’s job is to demand attention with the look, feel, sound and at times blatancy of expression.


If you think you need a thousand words, remember that Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg and with just 266 changed the world.