“I write to touch people,” I said explaining why I entered an arena that appears to be shrinking daily.

But appearance is often an illusion.

People want to read. Publications aren’t closing because interest isn’t there; messages aren’t failing because concentration is evaporating. Quality has become a rarity.

Give readers engrossing narratives, show their common sense respect, be brave enough to offer original opinions—and they’ll read in droves.

That’s why I opened my own writing studio. I’m Adam Parker. Welcome to Parkerpinion where I write to stimulate, entertain and inspire.

I serve brands, personalities, magazines, papers and online media who accept the need to buck the trend. Why?

Writing isn’t about content. It’s about story: an arrangement of words like music with a flow that leaves readers with a new comprehension, a new feeling or a desire to do something new. Writing fuels emotion.

And you have just twenty seconds to keep them reading. That’s why you contact me.

Hot Writing

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Empower your audience and they won’t just thank you, they’ll make you profitable.


If you think you need a thousand words, remember that Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg and with just 266 changed the world.


Writing is only about story, not content. Story is emotion.


You have just twenty seconds to keep your audience reading.


A writer’s job is to demand attention with the look, feel, sound and at times blatancy of expression.