I was at brunch the other day. The eggs were perfect, the salmon ample, and the flat white strong. So much so, I wanted two. They’d cleared my plate, my cup was empty, but did anyone pop their head around to check?

It’s the cafe mentality, you see. And all I could think of was, “Spam me with coffee!” But I held it inside.

There’s no more perfect a business situation than when you’ve a satisfied audience sitting at your table. It’s hot selling. You don’t get it any better.

How hard is it to ask, “Would you like another cuppa—and something else too?” But everyday, businesses walk right by. That’s metaphorical of course, it happens in all commercial settings.

Revenue isn’t a single-sale proposal. There’s upselling and cross selling to the people who like what you do. How much more so when you’ve already proven your utility; when you’ve earned your customers’ trust?

Show them your whole repertoire. At minimum, check for that re-order while they’re still in your chair.

Otherwise it’s cash flow in the wind.

And a cold call.

© 2015 Adam Parker. You’ve just read a Parkerpinion.
Main Picture: Boston town cars don’t sell coffee, but they can still ask for a return fare. Author’s photo.