Some quick observations on things that caught my keyboard in 2015.

The Paris attacks at Charlie Hebdo in early January kicked things off with a shocking slap to reality. The numbness of the Internet of Things with the launch of the Apple Watch in March deepened my sense of foreboding (giving us a clock that doesn’t show the time at a glance or remain powered—two technologies we kinda conquered these past couple of centuries in design). Followed later by the Amazon Echo (whose name in the deep valley of things inane remains utterly apt). I found some shocking customer service standards with UPS that validated my belief in the dangers of offshoring call centers. The 200th anniversary of Waterloo came and went in June making me wonder, what if anything, history meant to kids today? Ditto the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War’s end in May, but that at least gave me hope in the value of teamwork facing adversity.

Generally speaking we’re left with a lot of noise out there right now as the digital hands of 1G timepieces everywhere count the old year down while their owners tap wildly to keep their screens open come midnight.

Is it ISIS, ISIL, Daesh or does even it matter? Is it a Trump when you’re Putin on a blitz? Is it merely enough to be female to lay claim to the mantle of American Leadership—or is it worth exuding some leadership qualities too—despite the fact the world is indeed overdue for a massive realignment of gender balance or better yet gender irrelevancy?

Is it ok for the US to fight alongside al Qaeda and Hezbollah so long as they’re all fighting a different type of Islamic extremism? Hey Iran welcome to the good guys’ club but is it ok to boycott Israel—a democratic island amid a sea of Islamic vitriol funded by you as your proxies around Africa, Asia, and South America torture and rape yet, remain open to trade?

Is it still vogue to holiday in Bali when China has magnificently reshaped the Indian Ocean nearby with a brand new waterfront claiming the whole as its own Club Med? And neither the US government batted an eyelid nor the Marriott chain?

And the thing is, just from this ludicrous sampling of clatter alone, very few commentators have the faintest idea what they’re talking about when it comes to pulling it all together—let alone the logic to form the dots. For if they do they’ve been hiding their talent and why?

So that’s the void I aim to enter in 2016 wearing my stainless steel Seiko perpetual calendar with fully kinetic drive.

© 2015 Adam Parker. You’ve just read a Parkerpinion.
Main picture: “Blood Moon Over New York 2011”, author’s photo.