Blueprints unfurled experts moved in, most looked coy, some shook their heads. “It must be a code,” one said. “Find the key,” said another. But someone looked up and saw a constellation peeking through the dusk and nodded.

Indeed, to understand the phenomenon of Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election, we need look no further than the wisdom of Ancient Greece.

Not to the Tyrants, as the lords of millennia past were known, hence their synonym for evil to this day but to something more divine.

Professor of Classics, Barbara Graziosi, revealed it in her book “The Gods of Olympus a History”:

Even in antiquity the gods were said to be cruel, over-sexed, mad, or just plain silly. Yet they proved to be tough survivors.

It explains the resurrection of the Clinton dynasty too.

We speak of faux deities in our monotheistic times. Through the residue of Homer, we see their personas in Hollywood; and of the Herculeses, Apollos, Marses, Venuses and Zeuses who manifest emotion in our lives.

If America, out of its 200 million-plus adults could not find two smarter, more focused, more honest, more genuine, and gifted candidates than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we now know why.

You see, We the People:

Deep down we want our gods.

We thirst for their larger than life imperfections to validate peccadilloes of our own. We forgive their corruption for the benevolence we hope might wash over us. We secretly cheer their extremes in the belief that our enemies’ darkness will be crushed. Most of all, we surrender to their incomprehensible manifestos for we dream too.

And that explains why civilisations rise then fall. Why superpowers turn to dust but billions of stars spin without end.

For gods are fools but people are stupid.

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Main photo: US Congress, author’s picture.