There’s something so humanising in that moment 30 minutes after you turn CNN and Fox News off. I’ve spent the past couple of days analysing the two, comparing.

To put some context into the historical nuance of the moment currently in the United States, we’re almost two weeks into the Trump Presidency. Trump’s ordered an immigration ban and he’s still trying to get two-thirds of his cabinet confirmed.

The State of Washington put a judicial temporary injunction on the ban; in the meantime, nominees are slowly passing through the flaccid grasp of the Democrat-minority Senate—and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals only an hour ago, upheld Washington’s claim. Then Trump hit Twitter almost 5 minutes later with the screed (verbatim caps and all):


So Fox immediately crossed to the front lawn of the White House with an ALERT that Trump had made a Tweet. Because, apparently, only the reporter there was able to read it out LIVE to us.

Simultaneously, CNN started popping champagne at the “obvious defeat” the Trump administration had just been dealt and then asked a question of a panel: “Does the US Supreme Court need 5 votes” to overrule the 9th Circuit Court?

To which the on air legal analyst replied:

“What do you mean?”

Well, what I mean is that there’s only one conclusion to be made here folks.

Neither CNN or Fox News care what they televise to you, so long as you watch their ads. Think about it while your favourite tries to suck you in.

For there’s no fake news here. Just microwave ovens, refrigerators and colour TVs.

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