I received my “Same Sex Marriage” ballot today and I am ashamed to be an Australian.

This is not a vote or a plebiscite or a referendum. My paperwork calls it an “opinion” and a “response”. It has no power of law.

As far as I can see no one cares whether I complete it or not. There is no fine, my name isn’t on it and the paperwork makes it clear that my response “cannot be connected to” me. There is therefore, no way to guarantee a tamper-free national return.

It has the same significance as asking me to pop into my local supermarket and while buying milk, mark a slip of paper and put it into a box by the checkout that a delivery van will take away.

But worst of all, it asks me to judge the liberties of my fellow citizens. It asks me to view a person as a different class of human being. It’s like asking me whether Jews should wear yellow stars on their clothing. And I am deeply offended by that, let alone the precedent it delivers.

I have a better survey to answer: “Should politicians’ salaries be tied to the average national wage and their pensions set at levels for the elderly?”

I’d surely go to the supermarket for that.

That is my opinion,
Adam Parker.

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Main picture: Author’s postal form received today.