Adam Red Sox Cap ReduxI started writing the day I saw a second-hand duck-egg green Olivetti clunker of a typewriter on our dining room table as a kid. I’m Adam Parker, professional writer and proprietor of Parkerpinion.

I have an award-featured degree in business and nearly 30 years’ experience in industry. I’m an accredited Freelance Journalist and a long-standing Certified Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.

I’ve published in newspapers on topics from outsourcing to social media to geopolitics. I’ve written websites and marketing for numerous firms.

I run a writing blog at too where I share in my craft. Drop by.

I’m a regularly suffering member of Boston baseball’s Red Sox Nation; a devotee of non-fiction books, The West Wing and Foo Fighters; and genuinely engrossed by anything relating to design—“Helvetica” is one of my favourite films. Yes, a film about a font.

On the other hand, I’m married live in Melbourne, Australia, and am proud dad to wunder-pup, Soxy, who’s a member of Red Sox Nation too.