Adam Red Sox Cap ReduxI started writing the day I saw a second-hand duck-egg green Olivetti clunker of a typewriter on our dining room table as a kid. I’m Adam Parker, professional writer and proprietor of Parkerpinion.

I have an award-featured degree in business and three decades’ experience in industry. I’m an Accredited Freelance Journalist and a Professional Veteran Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.

I’ve published in newspapers on topics from outsourcing to social media to geopolitics. I’ve written websites and marketing too.

I’m a regularly suffering member of Boston baseball’s Red Sox Nation; a devotee of non-fiction books, The West Wing and Foo Fighters; and genuinely engrossed by anything relating to design—“Helvetica” is one of my favourite films. Yes, a film about a font.

On the other hand, I’m married live in Melbourne, Australia, and am proud dad to wunder-pup, Soxy, who’s a member of Red Sox Nation too.