In Creativity We Trust

When asked about her new role as Enterprise Professor at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia, Natalie King framed the humanity-creativity paradigm perfectly.

Talking to Paul Dalgarno, of the University of Melbourne, about the imperative of nurturing in creativity, Natalie observed a nexus between process and psyche:

Of Love and The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan

One autumn morning a man and a woman walk to work through the streets of New York’s West Side. They’re not together. He at times actually follows in the distance as their paths merge, separate and converge.

They’re in love. With each other. But out of the crowd their faces remain anonymous as they’ve never met, unless in text online.

Tips For Your Nuclear War Action Plan

Have you developed your workplace’s Nuclear War Action Plan (NWAP) yet? Well, time is running out.

At 8am local time today, residents in Hawaii woke to a social media, radio and TV emergency telling of an inbound ballistic missile attack. Traditional media urged them to shelter in a building. Social media didn’t. Thumb texting that information might have taken too long for all forgot to say, only minutes remained to act.

Radiohead Plays Israel Leaving Roger Waters in a Sty

A couple of years ago I wrote one of my favourite articles exploring Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here”. In it I tried to turn music into description. “Who hasn’t “rocked or hummed along?” I asked. Who were its “lost souls swimming in a fishbowl”?

But I erased it this year.

Get Inspired With a Gift of Reading or Listening

What a year 2016’s been. It was a milestone for me but who’d have thought of the millstone chaff it would globally leave behind? And with so many people it seems begging for 2017, now’s the time for a dose of encouragement.

Seventeen Years of Blues and Yellows in the Woman of Billie Marten

Sometimes I feel like a moon shot spat out of a gravitational lasso, missing a planetary caress while I’m trying to be the best person I can.

Integrity, honesty—they’ll flatten me when their gift to some is never enough. So there I lay listening for my heartbeat finding stillness instead, a state of illusory void I acknowledge. But I have to get up from this mat. Where is my saving hand?

Olivia Bartley’s Self Talk Stole My Heart in Thirty Seconds

It had been a tough couple of weeks. One of those periods when your head fills with cobwebs and the strategic picture flashes like a poorly fit neon sign pulsing an annoying buzz each illumination cycle. “Eat at Joe’s” it might say for a brief time but you’d know the gravy would be lumpy and the ketchup rimmed with crust. So you walk by.

The Australia Tax Versus Charlie Brown and Napoleon

Nature abhors a vacuum and if the chaos of five prime ministers in Australia over the past eight years hasn’t resulted in its worst effects: petrol at the pump skyrocketing during the globe’s lowest crude prices, guns proliferating in its capital cities, domestic violence at pandemic levels, and extremist Islam claiming a toehold—then the shying away from the Australia Tax is crippling the once lucky country even more.