80 Years Ago How We Forget

As the clock ticks over into the early morning over Europe, this is what the planet woke to 80 years ago. And 80 years later you’d never know it while our Free World takes its liberties for granted; while a hurricane bears along the US eastern seaboard whose president can’t remember whether Category 5 storms exist; and while, with the greatest irony of all, the United Kingdom—that survived Hitler’s Blitz—is about to implode.

The Potential Hell of Houston’s Rescue Shelters

Have we learned from Hurricane Katrina when it comes to sheltering the dispossessed after a natural disaster? Currently 10,000 people are crammed into Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The original plan was to take 5000.

Will the Electoral College Say Adios to Donald Trump?

In the news these past weeks you may have noticed a rampant spasm among supporters of Hillary Clinton calling for her immediate declaration as president-elect.

You’ve seen frantic recounts in certain states that have since fizzled. But I’m talking about something else here; something that likely makes no sense to most onlookers including many in the USA.

Trump Versus Clinton How Evil and Nasty Became the Lords of Liberty

Blueprints unfurled experts moved in, most looked coy, some shook their heads. “It must be a code,” one said. “Find the key,” said another. But someone looked up and saw a constellation peeking through the dusk and nodded.

US Popcorn Famine Declared Australia Assists

In preparation for one of history’s closest World Series Championships and craziest US presidential seasons since Bonzo went to Bitburg in 1985, the White House today declared a shortage of popcorn “a clear and present danger to the American way of life, second only to a shortage of Mac and Cheese and/or possibly Mallomars”.