80 Years Ago How We Forget

As the clock ticks over into the early morning over Europe, this is what the planet woke to 80 years ago. And 80 years later you’d never know it while our Free World takes its liberties for granted; while a hurricane bears along the US eastern seaboard whose president can’t remember whether Category 5 storms exist; and while, with the greatest irony of all, the United Kingdom—that survived Hitler’s Blitz—is about to implode.

Liza Koshy Anxiety and the Millennial Comedian

Here’s a truth many already know but may not be apparent to all. Great humour actually comes from personal pain.

Listen to any classic joke or any exceptional comedian and you’ll sense stories about the human condition, if not hear or see them too. That’s what makes these acts and their actors unforgettable. The best comedians are themselves aching.

Banking Chaos a Reflection Through Historical Eyes

Sixty years ago, come this November, a twenty-eight-year old Geoffrey Blainey published a history of The National Bank of Australasia marking its first commercial century. He took us on a ride through start-ups and crashes, panics and depressions, wars and peace into a 1950s mired in controversy and banking reforms.

In Creativity We Trust

When asked about her new role as Enterprise Professor at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia, Natalie King framed the humanity-creativity paradigm perfectly.

Talking to Paul Dalgarno, of the University of Melbourne, about the imperative of nurturing in creativity, Natalie observed a nexus between process and psyche:

Music Streaming iHeart Flatline Shows Disruption is Out of Beat

Almost two years ago, I wrote an article “The Broken Model of Music Streaming” that predicted the demise of iHeart Radio. Today the company filed for bankruptcy and it’s just the first of many DotCom 2 bubble bursts to come.

Here’s the article I posted in April 2016, prompted in fact by the death of Prince. Till then, I’d never formally streamed music online. Thing is, once there I couldn’t for the life of me work out why I wasn’t being charged even a cent for the ride?

The Bitcoin Bust and My Adventures in the Dot Com Boom

A bit over a month ago on the launch of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Bitcoin trade I predicted a déjà vu. Here was the subprime mortgage disaster, sprinkled with the dot com boom, mixed in a glass of fresh 21st Century hubris waiting to bubble over. So, the question I posed with overt sarcasm, was how many olives would it take to send this martini splashing over its side?

Then I realised this is complex stuff. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain are awe-inspiring feats of human ingenuity. They rank right up there with tourist space travel and driverless cars.

Of Love and The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan

One autumn morning a man and a woman walk to work through the streets of New York’s West Side. They’re not together. He at times actually follows in the distance as their paths merge, separate and converge.

They’re in love. With each other. But out of the crowd their faces remain anonymous as they’ve never met, unless in text online.

Tips For Your Nuclear War Action Plan

Have you developed your workplace’s Nuclear War Action Plan (NWAP) yet? Well, time is running out.

At 8am local time today, residents in Hawaii woke to a social media, radio and TV emergency telling of an inbound ballistic missile attack. Traditional media urged them to shelter in a building. Social media didn’t. Thumb texting that information might have taken too long for all forgot to say, only minutes remained to act.