The Potential Hell of Houston’s Rescue Shelters

Have we learned from Hurricane Katrina when it comes to sheltering the dispossessed after a natural disaster? Currently 10,000 people are crammed into Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The original plan was to take 5000.

Radiohead Plays Israel While Roger Waters Sits and Sties

A couple of years ago I wrote one of my favourite articles exploring Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here”. In it I tried to turn music into description. “Who hasn’t “rocked or hummed along?” I asked. Who were its “lost souls swimming in a fishbowl”?

But I erased it this year.

Will the Electoral College Say Adios to Donald Trump?

In the news these past weeks you may have noticed a rampant spasm among supporters of Hillary Clinton calling for her immediate declaration as president-elect.

You’ve seen frantic recounts in certain states that have since fizzled. But I’m talking about something else here; something that likely makes no sense to most onlookers including many in the USA.

Get Inspired With a Gift of Reading or Listening

What a year 2016’s been. It was a milestone for me but who’d have thought of the millstone chaff it would globally leave behind? And with so many people it seems begging for 2017, now’s the time for a dose of encouragement.

Writing Without Bias in Geopolitics and Trumphalism

It’s been a confusing week for most of America: “most” being the just over half of those who bothered to turn up to vote. They missed out on the president they desired.

But if you watch TV, oh they’re all marching in the streets against democracy. They simply deplore the ability of women, men, black, white, yellow, brown, old, young, able, disabled, Jew, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Agnostic, Carnivore, Veggie and Vegan to vote without the threat of murder and intimidation: for that’s a terrible thing. America they say, is broken.