Parkerpinion is based in Melbourne, Australia, with its principal markets in Australia and the USA; you’ll note the occasional US grammar in this website.

Commissioning Parkerpinion to write for you is a thoroughly collaborative process. It revolves around listening. I’ll ask questions to flesh out your precise needs.

Their end shape need not necessarily be known. That’s what I’m hired for.

Working together

Everything starts with a first contact to discuss your assignment, discover your stakeholders and set a time frame. Once we’ve agreed to go ahead, it’s very common to meet several times to gather information before actual writing begins.

Assignments are part paid upfront and usually encompass a first draft with a revision process. Final work is ultimately submitted for your full editorial control on receipt of the balance owing.

Assignments, such as ghostwriting and speech writing usually require anonymity and this is absolutely guaranteed. In fact, Parkerpinion never discloses any information about its clients without permission as a matter of professional courtesy.


I charge by the assignment. Articles and essays typically range mid-three to four figures, corporate stories four to five figures and full-length books into the low six figures. Multi-piece commissions are very welcome and these can attract a discount. GST applies to all Australian-based projects.


I’ve been published in newsprint on topics ranging from business to social media; finance to geopolitics. To look at my difference and quality, please find some choice articles featured on the Home page and click “Relax” in the menu here for many more to enjoy. Most of these pieces were written for the online medium.