Writing is inseparable from story no matter whether telling a brand history, an annual report, a market interest piece or a commentary on the latest international flare-up. Writing must create emotion in readers to carry them away with your message. Therefore, I only offer the following high-end writing services.

For business publications

Market interest pieces, eclectic articles and insights. Furnish your customers with reading material in print or electronic form that stimulates, entertains and gives a strong mnemonic to remember you by. Include these pieces in your newsletters, on your reception area coffee tables, in your meeting rooms and of course in your blogs and as part of your web presences.

For consumer publications

Features, articles, opinion pieces and commentaries. Give your readers and subscribers an erudite take on any subject from social media to military affairs, from politics to futurism, from corporate strategy to no holds barred opinion. Create these pieces hand-in-hand with your editorial teams fully responding to their feedback and direction.

Tell your commercial philosophy or personal history

Corporate narratives, leadership stories, brand biographies and speeches. Do something different in the eyes of the marketplace. Inspire readers with your leadership vision, your personal belief systems, the history of your brand and with words that blow the socks off a listening audience. Craft these pieces for news media, an investor update, a formal brochure, an in-house periodical or as a communication for the web that benefits readers at large.

Polish and finish your own work

Editing, proofreading and supplemental writing. When you’ve put pen to paper, let me cast a fresh eye over your efforts. Ensure your work is error-free, grammatically sound and delivers the message you’re intending. We can even include a final flourish by me and look for new ideas you’ve yet to uncover.